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Are you spending countless hours looking for Spanish instructional resources to teach your students or help your child? How much is that time worth?

You can stop searching now. We found you links 500+ to the best instructional Spanish Web pages all in one place, all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! You're welcome.


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The Opportunity

Imagine having tons of options for teaching or practicing Spanish language arts, reading, writing, math, science, social studies and more!

Time is a commodity that can’t be bought, but can be saved. Join the hundreds of bilingual and dual language teachers and parents finding Spanish web resources quickly and easily...saving precious time to give back to themselves, their families and friends. If someone gave you a chance to save time, you would take it, wouldn't you?

This IS your chance.

Spanish Websites was founded specifically to save Bilingual and Dual Language teachers and parents precious time. Instead of searching the web endlessly for resources in Spanish, you can now have all the sites you need by typing in the content area and grade level in a search bar. We've researched and vetted these sites, selecting only the best options for you and your kids.

Having limited resources creates limited opportunities for kids, and countless hours of lost personal time for teachers and parents. A simple monthly subscription can level the playing field and give you back your life. Plus it can give kids easy access to plenty of videos, websites and practice pages to explore.No logins to remember, just bookmark pages for them.  Most resources are free!!

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How it Works

Subscription Levels:

There are 2 monthly subscription levels: FREE or UNLIMITED. (Trust us you want the UNLIMITED, with a free trial) 

  • UNLIMITED gives you access to 500+ webpages and costs less than a cup of coffee. 

  • FREE gives you access to about 25 webpages, just to get an idea of what we offer.

Searching Sites:

  1. In order to find websites you will click on the grade level and choose the content area you are looking for into the drop down menu.

  2. This will generate the listings and links to each of the websites.

  3. You will also get our expert reviewers comments about the site, for instance is it a paid or free resource? A webpage with ads or a YouTube video? Yes, you can find a variety here to help you support emergent bilingual kids!

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's get started...just hit subscribe!

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